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Sweden trip and Tokyo exhibition news!

Hello Again! 

As we enter May, spring seems to have blossomed in full force — we have some exciting updates to tell you about here at 80,000 Voices, so let’s get into it!


This weekend we were kindly invited to talk at an SGI / ICAN event in Sweden! After landing in Stockholm, we took in the art and architecture in the city centre, including a park full of beautiful Cherry trees in full bloom!

From there, we took a scenic 6 hour train ride to Malmö where we were met by Malin from SGI Sweden. Over the weekend, we exhibited samples from the exhibition and gave three talks about our project at the ABF hall. We were met with such an enthusiastic and heartwarming response from visitors!

We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to Gunilla Karlborg, Malin Arvidsson, Fredrik Hultman, and everyone who came to see the talk!


In other news, we have had word that so far, 14,000 people have visited our exhibition at the Soka Bunka Center in Tokyo! This is really incredible — Thanks to everyone who is coming and everyone spreading the word about the exhibition! We’ve received some wonderful feedback from visitors which we would like to share — 

“A powerful and moving indictment of the long-term impact of nuclear weapons. This is a haunting quality in all the paragraphs. You know these people who lived through an experience so powerful and painful it has shaped their lives. The exhibition was incredibly powerful and moving.”

— Woman in her 70’s from England

“Since I was in primary school, I have received education about the atomic bombing, listened to stories told by storytellers, visited Hiroshima and was shocked by the exhibition at the memorial, and these memories have remained with me, but this exhibition made me realise that there are still things I did not know and the horror of nuclear weapons that I had not fully felt. […] I have decided once again to be one of those people who will take up that voice and continue to take steady action from where I am now.”

 — Woman in her 20’s from Tokyo

“I am a primary school teacher. I sometimes give anti-war lessons, but I thought that there are still things I haven't conveyed yet. I am now researching how to convey this information. I would like to see this exhibition lent out to various schools or made into a book for children to browse.”

— Teacher in his 40’s from Osaka

We are really touched by these words and so humbled to know what an impact this exhibition is having on people. These kind of messages really make the project worth it and fill us with encouragement and determination to continue our efforts!

The exhibition runs until May 31st at the Soka Bunka Center in Shinjuku, open every day from 10:00 — 17:00pm.

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